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We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting your care provider. Most of these agencies will be able to provide an adequate level of care. The difference lies in how that care is delivered. At Horizon, when we say our goal is to provide "Life-Changing Service," we mean it. What's at the heart of this kind of service? You are! Your needs, your desires, your particular preferences, your beliefs, your wishes as to how those beliefs are considered and respected. This means service tailored to fit you, not fitting you into our services.


How can this be "life changing?" By ensuring that every question is answered, every headache possible is eliminated, and every need is anticipated and handled before it becomes another burden for you, or your family. It's about seamlessly transitioning you to the proper level of care should your needs change. It's compassionate inclusion and education of your loved ones as vital members of your team. It's offering you the chance to receive a keepsake book detailing the defining moments of your life through what we call The Evergreen Project. It's service above and beyond what is expected, delivered in a way that frees you to concentrate on the things that matter most: relationships, recovery, and quality of life. Life-Changing Service–it's what we do!


Life-Changing Service is really just the logical outgrowth of who we are. Everyone at Horizon is committed to our Core Values. It's not that we "teach" these values to our staff. It's more that we attract and hire people who already embrace the qualities that strengthen our culture of values. Here's what our Horizon culture is all about:


Organize—We are organized so that we can provide Life-Changing Service. When we are organized and on time, providing service looks easy, no matter what challenges we face. Our clients are inspired to feel secure and confident in our care.


Communicate—Our clients know what to expect from us, they are in the know and in charge of their healthcare decisions. As part of the team, we practice transparency in addressing concerns openly, honestly, and with the right people.


Respect—We understand and respect our clients' choices. We take a collaborative approach to solving problems and respect the rights of others to be informed and to make choices.


Inspire—We inspire our clients and coworkers with "Life-Changing Service." Opportunities abound to make a difference in the lives of others.


Celebrate—We recognize and celebrate small and large successes for everyone on the team.


Own—We take responsibility for our actions, care about everyone's success, value feedback and, when there are problems, we are part of the solution!


Renew—We take time for self-care and seek the inspiration needed to keep our heart in the game! We all need our brains and our hearts engaged to provide Life-Changing Service!


 How do you know when it's time to invite us into your home? What are the choices you have, and when is it time to make them? We're here to help you navigate the sometimes intimidating journey through your health care options. Our goal is to make sure you are accurately informed as to what your real choices are when it comes to your care, or the care of your loved one. There are still many myths out there regarding what home health and hospice are all about.


  For instance, many people still think that hospice care is only for cancer patients. Not true! Click here to see a detailed list of conditions that may qualify for hospice care. Some may think they don't have the option of home care, or hospice care, because their doctor hasn't brought it up. Who is authorized to make a call to your doctor, or to bring the subject up? You are! You don't need a doctor's order to have a Horizon nurse or social worker come to your home and talk to you about your options.


  After our visit, we can even make that phone call to your physician on your behalf if you like. It's all about your choices, and Horizon is here to empower you with information about what is available to you and what the benefits to you might be, before you are in crisis. Put another way, we're here to help you make well-informed choices before you're in a position in which you're forced to make decisions in a pressure-filled situation.





Rendering Life-Changing Service makes our clients part of our family. We don't have a list of customers. We have a family tree that includes our employees and our client families, and we all share the joys, the challenges, and sometimes the sorrows that come to our family.



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