Hiring the right people is the key to being the best in everything we do. We want to attract like-minded individuals who live in our communities to work with us to create something truly great.

Our mission of Life-Changing Service is much more than a set of ideals. It is our people working in our communities and our offices every day to bring care, compassion, respect, and inspiration to the homes of our patients and their families, and to the lives of our employees. Ours is a workplace culture that encourages us to serve each other the same way we serve our patients and their families, so that our families and communities also benefit.

To deliver Life-Changing Service, our core values define the specific habits and attitudes that help to make it a reality.

Our Core Values

ORGANIZE. We are organized so that we can provide Life-Changing Service. When we are organized and on time, providing service looks easy, no matter what challenges we face. Our employees and patients can feel secure and confident.

COMMUNICATE. our patients know what to expect. They are in the know and in charge of their healthcare decisions. Team members are informed and the expectations are clear.

RESPECT. We understand and respect our clients' choices. We take a collaborative approach to solving problems and respect the rights of others to be informed and to make choices.

INSPIRE. We inspire our clients and coworkers with Life-Changing Service. Opportunities abound to make a difference in the lives of others.

CELEBRATE. We set meaningful goals, then recognize and celebrate small and large successes for everyone on the team.

OWN. We take responsibility for our actions, are in charge of our performance, and care about everyone's success. We value feedback and, when there are problems, we are part of the solution!

RENEW. We take time for self-care and seek the inspiration needed to keep our heart in the game!

If you want to work with a truly remarkable organization, contact us today.

  • If there is a posted job opening that you want to apply for, follow the instructions provided here at our Horizon Careers page.
  • If there are no current opening for the job you are interested in, contact us for a Get-Acquainted Tour.

We are currently interested in:

Nurses, C.N.A.'s, Therapists, support staff, and other professionals that love what they do and are seeking an inspiring work experience.


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